To provide globally competitive and socially responsible Civil Engineering professionals, who can contribute to the organization and nation-building through their innovative ideas and to create knowledge pool of Civil Engineering through quality research. Create a congenial learning environment for imparting knowledge, skills and values.


  1.   To develop and implement qualitative teaching and learning practices to impart     quality education to the students to dovetail them to industry needs
  2.   To develop engineers with good scientific and engineering knowledge so as to          
        comprehend, analyze, design and apply knowledge to the fast changing needs
        in the field of Civil Engineering.
  3.   To provide hands-on experience and knowledge to the students to make them     
       engineers of excellence.
  4.  To promote innovative and original thinking in the minds of budding engineers to face
      the Challenges of future by shaping the department into a center of academic and
        research excellence.
  5.   To inculcate the value of discipline and encourage the student to   become a
        responsible and worthy citizen of the nation.
  6.    Providing state of the art facilities for learning and practicing

       7.    Providing additional skills and training to meet the needs of the industry.