Association of Royal Civil (ARC) was formed with the primary objective of exposing budding of civilians of NIT to the challenges of the profession. The association promotes the talent of students in co-curricular and extracurricular activities and keeps students and staff aware of the modern trends and to function as productive members of the profession and society with an understanding of global ramification of work. The students of Civil Engineering Department constitute its members. The members of the association are divided into 2 teams and provide the participants to the each team to conduct technical events which would develop the team spirit and have interaction that promotes innovative ideas, technical tools and thus to spread the benefits of Civil Engineering Department.


 The association organizes the various activities and events to unfold the prospects of Civil Engineering in the present day world. The association provides ample opportunity for the students to improve their presentation skills, organizational skills, and leadership qualities, thus gives opportunity for the overall personality development of students. Our Association conducts beneficial seminars, guest lectures, paper presentations, workshops, technical events and cultural activities that will advocate and promote creative thinking, leadership skills, artistic talents, cooperation and coordination and thus enable the members to function on multi-disciplinary team.

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