Narasaraopeta Institute of Technology (NIT) enrolls its students in numerous Academic and Non-Academic Activities, Projects and model makings with a purpose to feed them with requisite skills demanded by the competent future market. Some of the epic achievements of our students are as follows.

1. Model making of Multi-Storied Residential Building

2. Quiz’s and Seminars:-

Civil engineering questions and answers with explanation for interview, competitive examination and entrance tests of the different courses like GATE. We provide the best notes for the students to easily understand the concept of related matter to crack the answer. Quiz’s and seminars are increasing the student thinking power and also improve the technical skills and destroy the stage fear of the student , finally he is ready to face the Interview and challenges with lot of self-confidence.

Narasaraopeta Institute of Technology (NIT) is providing a lot of facilities to conduct the quiz’s and seminars in the department of civil engineering.  Our students are also participated to other college’s events also and got the certificates.