The Department of Mechanical Engineering at NIT has been active in teaching. Currently, about 12 committed staff members are working in the department .The Department of Mechanical offers four-year under-graduate programme with an intake of 60 in the field of Mechanical Engineering. The Department of Mechanical Engineering was first started in 2010 with an aim to provide quality engineers not only to our nation but also to other countries. The Mechanical Engineering field of study includes technical subject areas such as CAD/CAM, thermal engineering, materials sciences, Machine design, robotics, manufacturing etc.

Mechanical Engineers are people with a pragmatic ability to design model physical systems, to analyze and create; all within the framework of socio-humanistic needs. The mechanical engineer is a concerned individual. The strength of our department is derived from its excellent faculty, the comprehensive facilities and the success of our graduates in the market. Many of our faculty are highly recognized in their fields and have earned good name and fame in teaching. Our students are provided a solid engineering education with a focus on creativity and innovation and a strong ethical responsibility. The Mechanical engineering program prepares graduates with strong leadership qualities. These leadership qualities and our program's high technical standards generate strong interest from industries and employers across the region. I am happy to inform you that some of our graduates are pursuing their postgraduate studies worldwide.